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Limited Edition Tote in Brown – Princess Grace Version

100 ml / 3.38 fl. oz.



This Limited-Edition Tote in Brown – Princess Grace Version is the perfect handbag to take with you on that special occasion that you want shine and standout.

Each bag in this exclusive and limited collection is handcrafted with unimaginable effort and second-to-none skills from the finest leather, elevating luxury to new heights.


Height -20.32 cm | Width-25.4 cm | Length -33.02 cm

The Princess Grace Tote in Brown Limited-Edition  is the perfect accessory for a formal event where you want to make a statement

Handmade from the finest genuine leather, the Princess Grace Brown Tote elevates luxury to new heights with its extraordinary effort and unmatched skill.


With the use of only the finest leather artisans and traditional hand-crafting techniques, we create each of our products.


There is no doubt that our products are long-lasting, comfortable and stylish. Genuine leather of the highest quality is procured directly from the source, and the production of a single bag takes approximately six weeks.

Tote in Brown – Princess Grace Version is a high-quality, magnificent piece of equipment.


Due to its design places high demands on the leather hide in order to ensure its utmost quality. No blemish or imperfection can fall within the surface cut of the handle because it is cut in one continuous piece, and this continuity in the cut guarantees both the beautiful composition of the piece and a very supportive carry.



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