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Ishara Koralage Inc is a Delaware-incorporated luxury fashion house known for its handcrafted collection of Premium Product Line that is meticulously designed in the United States.


Each item in the exclusive collection is handcrafted in selected factories from the finest raw materials. The brand redefines luxury through a modern approach to materials and a complete commitment to transparency.

The labels IK & MK appears on most of its products, ranging from luxury bags and leather goods to ready-to-wear jewelry and accessories. It sells its products through standalone boutiques, lease departments in high-end departmental stores, and through the e-commerce section of its website.


The company is reimagining fashion in a revolutionary, innovative, and impactful way. The company’s mission is to redefine luxury for the twenty-first century while also becoming one of the world’s most sought-after fashion houses. IK products are the pinnacle of craftsmanship, with exceptional quality and attention to detail. They’re esoteric, thoroughly modern, and seductive.

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